Shops and Establishment New Registration or Renewal

Shop and Establishment Registration at a glance

A ‘Shop and Establishment Registration’ or popularly known as ‘Trade license’ in many States and  ‘Gumasta License’ in Maharashtra.

Shops and Commercial Establishments Act 1958 was enacted to regulate the working hours, weekly/monthly off, payment of wages, terms and condition of employment, holidays, leave etc. of persons employed in shops, commercial establishments.

Trade license issuing authority varies state to state, therefore Rules and Regulations of Trade license varies state to state as per State Shops and Establishment act or Some other specific Act to regulate Shops and Establishments within the state and its process and documentation also varies slightly.

Every employer shall within 30 days from the date on which the establishment commences its work shall file statement together with fees to the Chief Inspector of the area concerned. In some state period for Registering may differ state to state.

Municipal Corporation or Local Authority is the concern department in the state/Locality to issue Trade License.

Shop and Establishment Registration (New Registration)

How to Get a Shop and Establishment Certificate?

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Few essential Steps to follow by you or your consultants do on your behalf

Step 1: Prepare all required documentation ( documents applicability varies state to state and nature of business)

Step 2: Make online application to concerned authority ( if Online facility available in many states now)

Step 3: Make payment of Govt. fees and penalty for delay registration

Step 5: Get Certificate online same day

* in many cases takes time 3-15 working days to get the certificate ( in manual filing)

How to Renew Shop and Establishment Certificate?

Step 1: Login at government portal ( labour department)

Step 2: Select your certificate no and apply for renew

Step 3: Pay Fee

Step 4: Get Renewed Certificate

Difference between Trade and Shop Establishment License


Registration under Shop and Establishment


Shop and Establishment Labour Department


West Bengal Shops & Establishment Act


West Bengal Shops & Establishment Act


Shops and Establishment Licence Validity


Shops and Establishment Registration Validity


Shops and Establishment Registration Fees


shop and establishment act license


labour registration form


Shop and Establishment Registration Department


Registration of Labour Laws at Shram Suvidha Portal


Shop and Establishment Registration Registration Process

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