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FinTax Consultants – A leading Valuation Service house. Valuation of Shares, Debentures, Securities Or Goodwill Or Financial Assets Or Net Worth of the Company. Best Securities and Financial Assets Valuation Firms in India. 

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We are not IBBI Registered Valuers, We are Share and Other Financial Assets Valuation Consultants and Connect with reputed Securities and Financial Assets Valuers who are working with us in India for Valuation and Valuation Report.

As per the notified section 247(1), where a valuation is required to be made in respect of any property, stocks, shares, debentures, securities or goodwill or any other assets or net worth of a company or its liabilities under the provision of this Act, it shall be valued by a person having such qualifications and experience and registered as a valuer in such manner, on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed and appointed by the audit committee or in its absence by the Board of Directors of that company

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FinTax - Share Valuation Consultant in India

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