Startup India Registration

– Why it is Important now a days
12 March 2019
Startup India Registration

India is fastest growing economy and with the increase of internet usage and smartphone, Country is turning into digitalization. Startup India is a flagship initiative of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to build a strong ecosystem in the country to increase the domestic production, global ranking, opportunity to startup businesses to participate in various Govt. Schemes with relaxations, a great opportunity for young dreamers to start own startup and helps to build next India. Ultimately to drive towards a sustainable economic growth and large scale employment generation.

A startup business deprived of many facilities due to not having prior work experience and track records, limited investment and resources or less opportunity to proof ability and zero infrastructure. Which hurdles them to grow.

Even it becomes very tough for a startup business to participate in Govt. tenders and financial help from banks.

BUT, Post introduction of Startup India Scheme by Govt. of India, a relief is witnessed for newly started small entity.

Know Some important fact about Recognition Certificate

If you are running a formal business like a Private Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership Firm (LLP) or a Registered Partnership Firm in India and which is not more than 10 years old, It is recommended to get your entity recognized with Startup India.

When your entity get Startup Recognition from Department of Promotion and Industry and Internal Trade [Previously known as Department of Planning and Promotion (DIPP)], which valid

  • upto 10 years from the date of incorporation of the Entity , or
  • till Business turnover not exceeding Rs 100 crores in any Financial Year, whichever is earlier

Getting recognition, takes 4 to 10 working days. Most important part here is, your application to be drafted correctly with Good write-up on some important questions like

  • Brief note supporting the options chosen above for innovation, improvement and scalability
  • Please mention any awards/recognition received by the entity. Attach Award Documents. (Optional)
  • What is the problem the startup is solving?
  • How does your startup propose to solve this problem?
  • What is the uniqueness of your solution?
  • How does your startup generate revenue?

Here you need a skill to draft. To minimize the risk of rejection, you can hire Consultant.

How Startup India Recognition helps you in business?

A. Tax Exemption benefit

Eligible to apply for Income Tax Exemption u/s 80IAC for three consecutive financial year.

Further, you can apply for relief from Angel Tax (Tax on Share Premium) U/s 56.

B. Tender Participation

In many Tenders, Govt. and PSU gives relaxation for Startups to Participation in public procurement job through tenders. Relaxation in Prior experience, EMD or Turnover criteria.

C. Govt. Funding Opportunity

Government allotted Rs 10,000 crores funds for investment into startups through Alternate Investment Funds. SIDBI is managing this fund. Startups can apply under this quota.

E. Participate in various Govt. Scheme

Government issues day to day various schemes for startup to participate. For example, sustainable finance scheme, bank credit facilitation, raw material assistance, etc.

F. Participate Startup Grand Challenges

Many reputed companies encourage startup entrepreneurs for their solutions. Here gives an opportunity for startup to participate in the scheme and win funding. Recently, Whatsapp, Mahindra, Aditya Birla, many more companies organizing such financial assistance scheme with Startup India.

G. Govt Fee Concession

In IPR Registration 50%-80% Govt. fee concession available. Example in Trademark, Patent application.

H. Easy Winding up

Windup company in 90 days under insolvency & Bankruptcy code 2016.

I. Self Certifications

Eligible for Self-certification and compliance under 9 environmental & labour laws.

J. Connect Networks

Search and find various startups and connect with them. Get Mentorship, Talk to investors and industry connect.

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Please read the following terms and conditions very carefully as your use of the Website or joining as Franchise Partner or any service and facility as provided by FinTax Consultants is subject to your acceptance of and compliance with the following terms and conditions-  

This Terms and Conditions and Policies published on dated 29th May 2019 and shall Apply between you and FinTax Consultants

FRANCHISE PARTNER - Any person or Firm or company registered with us under the scheme of Franchise partnership to carry on consultancy profession using our Brand name. A Franchise Partner also termed as Franchise Consultant or Franchise Finance, Tax & Legal Consultant.

A) Franchise Partner’s Joining / Registration Terms and Conditions:-


  • Any practicing Consultant or a Qualified or Semi Qualified Chartered Accountant, Cost accountant, Company Secretary or Lawyer or any Commerce Graduate/MBA (Finance) or Law Graduate is eligible to Apply for Franchise Partner under individual name or firm name. However, FinTax has right to give relaxation in certain cases.
  • A Firm or Company run by aforsaid qualified person is also eligible to register as Franchise Partner.

Two types of Franchise Partner:-

A) Class I  and B) Class II

Only Qualified Chartered Accountant, Cost accountant, Company Secretary or Lawyer or their Firm is eligible to apply for Class I Franchise Partner and Rest all are eligible for Class II Franchise Partner. 


  • Possess Minimum Education as aforesaid for each class of Franchise Partners.
  • Must have Infrastructure - Computer, Printer and Internet.
  • Must have office space and all infrastructure to run an office.

Grant of License and Learning Program:-

  • FinTax has sole right to accept or reject the application. License is granted for 2 years and option to continue by renew every year before expiry.
  • FinTax shall arrange Practical Learning and Skill Development Program for Franchise Partner time to time.

Brand License fee and Business Target:-

  • All approved Franchise Partner shall require to pay brand license  fee Rs 18,000/-.
  • Brand License renewal Fee is Rs 10,000/- to be payable at the time of renewal every 2 years.
  • Franchise Partner shall achieve minimum business of Rs 35,000/- per month or Rs 4,20,000 per annum

B) Benefits of Franchise Partner:-

  • Franchise Partner shall get share in professional fees received from his/her client. Fee share vary between 30% to 80% depending on works.
  • FinTax have exclusive right to amend  fee structure without prior consent of franchise partner. Updated Fee structure publishes on website and/or communicated to franchise partner on email.
  • FinTax shall remit the share of fee on fortnightly basis to Bank account of Franchise Partner.

C) Role and Responsibility of Franchise Partner:-

  • It is the responsibility of the Franchise Partner to provide his/her service delivery honestly and shall satisfy client with their all queries and works.
  • Franchise Partner shall work within his/her locality under the brand name of FinTax and represent clients by our brand name only.
  • Franchise Partner shall not charge fee over and above the prescribed fee of FinTax. FinTax in certain cases prescribe separate fee structure for a franchise partner and communicated this on email.
  • Franchise Partner shall maintain standard of service delivery and reputation of FinTax.
  • Franchise Partner shall display board outside his office. Board contents prescribed by FinTax.
  • It is the responsibility of Franchise partner to collect payment from client and followup with clients for all relevant documents and information required to accomplish the task.
  • Franchise Partner shall maintain good and healthy relation with the clients and shall attend their all queries sicerely.
  • Franchise Partner may be required to sign a separate agreement with FinTax.
  • Franchise Partner shall not take any other franchise of the same line service company.
  • Franchise Partner shall Maintain privacy and Confidentiality of Client and FinTax.
  • Franchise Partner shall promote FinTax Brand at his locality.

By Registerting, Franchise Partner also agreed to clauses published on . 

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Only approx 16578 Entity Registered as Startups till date. Number is growing every day with the awareness of its benefits.182 Startups Get funded. (source: )

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